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Natural based skincare

We believe that your skincare routine should be the best and most enjoyable time of the day. For this reason, the textures and aromas of our products, and the accessories that we have carefully designed for you, we invite you to stop and enjoy every second of your skincare.

High tolerance

High tolerance in all skin types

Dermatologically tested

All our products are dermatologically tested following the EU regulation


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Sarah Becquer

Made in Spain

All our products are manufactured in Spain. We use local ingredients and raw materials from local producers. We also work with local workshops to promote wealth in our country, in addition to transmitting the values ​​of our culture in everything we do.

Passion for Nature

Experts in Botany since 1903 and being the fourth generation of pharmacists, we seek in nature the source of the greatest well-being for the skin. Our formulas are based on natural ingredients with the purpose to elevate beauty in all people, thus transmitting through skin care the legacy of nature.

Sustainable luxury through intergenerational legacy

Many of our products are presented in exclusive handcrafted pieces, so that there is not only a legacy in skincare from generation to generation, but also a physical legacy, linked to craftsmanship and know-how. of our country.

la importancia de lo natural

"When it comes to luxury, being unique is what it counts"

Between a 98 to 100% of our active ingredients come from natural sources.

Made in Spain.

Aromas and textures that you have not known yet

Between a 98 to 100% of our active ingredients come from natural sources.

Made in Spain.

Aromas and textures that you have not known yet

Dermatologically tested.

Local atelier based in Madrid to create our exclusive accessories

Commited to the environment and sustainability

We restore the health in to your skin

Works in all skin types and needs

Endorsed by pharmacists and dermatologists

About us

Sarah Becquer was born from the union of my great passions: botany, cosmetics, formulation and my family. It is also born from a need to re-educate the skin with ingredients that are powerful and do not cause any alteration. There is no need to suffer to have a beautiful skin, and there is no need to invest in many cosmetic products. Instead, there is a need to take care of your skin with common sense and incorporate in your beauty routine what makes sense for you, being easy for you to incorporate in your cosmetic routine every day. That will make your want to find your moment in the day to take care of your skin, yourself, and recover at all levels.

Mar Sieira (CEO)

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