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What is Sarah Becquer's facial cleansers and what are they for?

It is a blend of vegetable oils that are used to deep cleanse while nourishing and moisturizing the face.

At Sarah Becquer we have developed a creamy oil cleanser and a weekly facial scrub to deeply cleanse your face while moisturizing it, without irritating chemicals or surfactants.

What are the benefits of Sarah Becquer's cleansers?

Some vegetable oils have the ability to cleanse the skin by dragging, that is, they remove substances that resemble them, as happens with the sebum of the skin, which throughout the day retains dirt, traces of cosmetics or makeup, so it is recommended that whenever you cleanse your skin, use an oily agent such as our Cleansing Oil, or our exfoliating, Restoration Balm.

In addition, our cleansers help to reinforce the skin's barrier function, which is altered by various causes, such as the weather, the use of masks, or the use of irritating cosmetics. By reinforcing the barrier function, the skin is healthy from the inside and is recovered on the outside.

How do Sarah Becquer's cleansers work?

They clean the skin by dragging the dirt. By the chemical principle of polarity, vegetable oils are able to dissolve the oils (the mixture of sebum and dirt) found on the surface of the face better than any other cleansing agent. This is why they are recommended as a single step (for dry or normal skin) or as the first step of a double cleansing (for combination or oily skin, or skin that wants to take better care of itself).

Frequently asked questions about our cleansers

You can use them together with other cosmetics to enrich them, such as night cream, hand cream, or even on the ends of the hair or to soothe an irritated scalp.

Indeed, if you leave both the Cleansing Oil and the Restoration Balm on the previously massaged skin for 3 to 5 minutes, they will penetrate the skin, providing extra hydration and elasticity. Their blend of oils will penetrate the skin, providing extra hydration and elasticity.

Sarah Becquer's Cleansing Oil and Oil Scrub should always be the first step in cleansing, as being oily they are best suited to remove dirt on the surface of the skin. If you are heavily made up and want to use them as a mask, we recommend that you do a first cleansing with the same Cleansing Oil before leaving it on the skin. After using any of our cleansers, you can continue with an aqueous cleanser (cleansing gel, micellar water, cleansing foam...) if you want to perform a double cleansing.

For years, this myth has disappeared. Oils, in addition to removing dirt from the skin, leave it perfectly hydrated, elastic and also have the characteristic of being sebum regulators, which regulates the secretion of sebum in people with combination or oily skin. And, most importantly, they are non-comedogenic oils, so they do not clog the skin pore and therefore do not generate the dreaded pimples.

How to use our facial cleansers

Work a small amount of product onto dry face, neck and décolleté. Massage (in the case of the scrub gently) and rinse with lukewarm water, or with a Sarah Becquer muslin soaked in lukewarm water.

Precautions for use

Do not use Restoration Balm physical scrub on acne breakouts or dermatitis of any kind. Avoid contact with eyes.

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