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Sensitive skin

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Retin-oil 15 ml

Anti-stain and anti-marking


Combination skin

Recovery oil 10 ml

Dry skin



Retinoil W 30 ml


Cleansing oil the Tube


Arcilla Calm

Gently cleanse the skin with a soft cleanser such as our Cleansing oil, and remove it with our soft muslin cloth. Afterwards you can use a water based cleanser.  Do not rub your skin, just remove the water with gentle pressure.Moisturize and soothe the skin with a few drops of Recovery oil, not rubbing but gently pressing your skin so the ingredients can access your skin properly. Apply a daily moisturizer specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Protects sensitive skin from pollution and UV rays with an appropiate sunscreen.

Once or twice a week you can perform a deep cleaning with our Calm clay, mixed with your favorite Sarah Becquer product according to the protocols we have devised.

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