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Retin-oil 15 ml

Anti-stain and anti-marking



Perfect Skin Sarah Becquer


Cleansing oil the Tube


Retinoil W 30 ml

Perform double facial cleansing daily, day and night. As a first step, use our Cleansing Oil, followed by a water-based cleanser (micellar water, gel, or cleansing foam).

Then, during the day, use a corrective moisturizing agent (such as our Nutrition oil, which is sebum-regulating) and your sunscreen. At night, 3 times a week, use our Perfect Skin after double cleansing, let it act for 10-15 minutes and then apply a moisturizing cream. If you have acne areas or blackheads, apply the product directly with the help of a make-up remover pad or our muslin. On alternate nights you can use our Retinoil that will help you fight acne, and eliminate marks. You can continue with moisturizing if your skin needs it.

Once or twice a week you can perform a deep cleaning with our Vulcano clay, mixed with your favorite Sarah Becquer product according to the protocols we have created.

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