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If you are concerned about skin spots, and you also want to provide an anti-aging and renewing effect to your face, you must include in your cosmetic routine our dry touch facial oil with Retinol and depigmenting agents.

With similar characteristics to our Retinoil dry touch oil, we have developed this formula to rejuvenate the skin and eliminate facial blemishes, listening to the increasingly noticeable needs for care of facial blemishes in terms of treatment and prevention.



All the power of the new Retinoil W in 10ml format so you can start your treatment or take it on a trip this summer.

What is Sarah Becquer's Retinoil and what is it for?

It is a dry touch facial oil, with a broad spectrum anti-aging and depigmenting action by combining the synergistic action of its active ingredients, mostly natural based.

It can be used in a complementary way to other depigmenting treatments such as peelings, laser or pulsed light.

It regulates melanin production, reducing the appearance of skin blemishes, such as sun spots, melasma or post-inflammatory hyperchromia.

It has a high efficacy and skin tolerability.

The powerful antioxidants in its formula, help the treatment, due to its activity of inhibition of the Tyrosinase enzyme in addition to a potent anti-inflammatory action.


Powerful anti-spot efficacy due to its depigmenting action.

Anti-aging effect due to its retinol content.

Antioxidant to minimize oxidative damage, due to its antioxidant complex.

Anti-inflammatory efficacy

Relipidizing and moisturizing power

Sebum-regulating efficacy

Improves skin firmness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and promotes collagen and elastin synthesis.

Key ingredients: 100% water-free 100% active formula

Liposoluble Licorice Extract: Licorice extract improves hyperpigmentation by dispersing skin pigment (melanin), inhibiting melanin biosynthesis and inhibiting cyclooxygenase activity, decreases free radical production. Glabridin is the main component of licorice extract. Studies have shown that glabridin prevents ultraviolet B (UVB) induced pigmentation and exerts anti-inflammatory effects, essential for controlling hyperpigmentation.

It minimizes tyrosinase production to combat pigmentation: Melanin production is a complicated process, at the heart of which is an enzyme known as tyrosinase. Licorice extract inhibits tyrosinase production, in turn inhibiting the production of dark spots.

Eliminates excess melanin: licorice extract also brightens the skin in another way. "It contains liquiritin, an active compound that helps disperse and eliminate existing melanin in the skin."

Acts as a potent antioxidant: by the action of its flavonoids, liquiritin and liquiritingenin which are rich in antioxidants preventing skin aging and pigmentation.

It offers anti-inflammatory benefits: while the flavonoid is anti-inflammatory in itself, there is another molecule, licochalcone A, which inhibits two inflammatory markers that trigger the inflammatory cascade.


It has two sources of retinol in higher concentration than in the Retinoil formula:

 - Retinol of high cutaneous tolerance synthesis: this molecule is unique. Its anti-aging action on the skin is equivalent in potency to other retinoids (0.5%) but without their instability and without causing any skin irritation. It improves the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

 - Kahai oil: this is a 100% natural retinol whose retinol content is three times higher than in rosehip oil.


In addition, the action of retinoids prevents the melanin pigment from traveling from the melanocytes where it is produced to the keratinocyte skin cells, also showing depigmenting activity that is enhanced by licorice extract.

Vitamin E:

Antioxidant that provides stability to retinol. It has been shown to cause depigmentation by interference with lipid peroxidation of melanocytes, increasing intracellular glutathione content and inhibition of tyrosinase.


Sangre de Drago:

This is a red-colored sap containing proantocinidins, which not only bind natural collagen fibers but also inhibit the action of enzymes which, as we age tend to break it down, thus exerting a very long-lasting effect reducing wrinkles which are ultimately the visible expression of tissue deterioration. The antioxidant power of proantocinidins is 20 times more potent than vitamin C and 50 times more potent than vitamin E.


Ceramide complex:

They repair the skin's barrier function, essential for it to defend against external environmental damage. Prevents transepidermal water loss and hydrates the skin. Ceramides, in this formula, act in synergy with retinol to enhance their effects.


In addition to ceramides, provided in the form of lipids in this formula, it also contains jojoba oil, an excellent source of natural ceramides. In fact, jojoba oil has 97% ceramides in its composition. It also has a lipid profile very similar to the membrane lipids of our skin, so it acts as a biomimetic, adding to our skin, exerting its powerful moisturizing, nourishing and sebum-regulating function.


Antioxidant polyphenol complex: from a masterful blend of vegetable oils such as macadamia, sunflower, sage, rosehip, marula oil or argan oil. Marula oil contains 60% more natural antioxidants than other well-known vegetable oils. It is also anti-aging, soothing and regenerating.

How to apply Retinoil by Sarah Becquer

Preferably in the evening, after cleansing, apply our dry oil with Retinol on the face, carefully avoiding contact with the eyes and eyelids.

Apply 2-3 drops of retinoil dry oil between your hands by warming it and then apply it with small pressures on the face, neck and décolleté (if the area of application is larger, you will need 2-3 drops more).

If you want to treat a localized spot, you can directly apply a drop of our Retinoil W depigmenting oil.

It can be used with other skin care products, although its super-moisturizing action may not require you to use night cream afterwards.

The next day, include sunscreen in your skin care routine for a powerful anti-aging effect.


When is it used?

Preferably in the evening. Don't forget to use sunscreen the next day for a powerful anti-aging effect.


Sarah's tip

With Retinoil you won't need any more night creams or serums!

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Immediate transformation

Clinical evidence of Sarah Becquer's Retinol.

No irritation

No skin irritation. We show the results with the application of our Retinoil and with other retinoil on the market.

The results we obtain are shown in the images, our Retinoil does not produce skin irritation.

Reduction of blemishes

Another of the benefits of Sarah Becquer's Retinoil is its anti-spotting power. It can significantly reduce skin blemishes.

We show its effect over 28 days of treatment.

Rejuvenating action

We have proven that with our Retinoil formula we obtain skin rejuvenation. We show the comparative of the skin before applying our product and 14 days after the treatment.

Powerful ingredients

Make it unique.

Pomegranate extract

Pomegranate is one of the most antioxidant fruits in existence. Its extract has a large amount of amino acids, so it is considered a great ally against skin oxidation and damage caused by free radicals.

It not only has antioxidant effect but also firms your skin and has astringent properties. It helps to stimulate the skin thanks to vitamin A, so it keeps the complexion more elastic, plump and firm.

Kahai oil

This is a natural retinol that contains three times more retinol than rosehip oil. It is also rich in vitamin E, which gives retinol greater stability. It provides the skin with moisturizing and regenerating properties and contains trace elements.

Added to our formula, it makes it more effective and visible. It is the ideal partner for all the accompanying ingredients.



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