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Collagen Nutrition Oil


Perfect Skin Sarah Becquer

Dry skin



Retin-Oil Contorno de ojos 10 ml


Retinoil W 30 ml

What are Sarah Becquer's treatments and what are they for?

A set of innovatively formulated products aimed at meeting the specific needs of each skin.

Sarah Becquer's RetinOil is the first retinol in oil on the market, reinforced with ceramides and antioxidants, with a high tolerability that makes it effective on all skin types, including sensitive skin. Perfect Skin is a salicylic acid formulated with soothing active ingredients such as witch hazel or chamomile, aimed at exfoliating the skin chemically, as it is a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), which is the only one capable of dissolving blackheads and deep cleansing the pore.

What are the benefits of Sarah Becquer's treatments?

RetinOil: Retinol is the anti-aging molecule par excellence. It has two sources of Retinol, one natural from Kahai oil, and the other synthetic, with high skin tolerance and a clinical effectiveness comparable to 0.5% Retinol. We have also reinforced this formula with ceramides, so that the skin's barrier function is not altered, and with antioxidants, which bring radiance to the face. Perfect Skin: This is a liposoluble molecule capable of dissolving the sebum trapped in the skin pores, which makes it effective in the treatment of acne.

Instructions for use

It is a line of products aimed at rejuvenating the skin, through skin transformers such as retinol, chemical peeling such as salicylic acid, or depigmenting active ingredients such as licorice extract.

Retin Oil Apply a few drops between the palms of the hands and warm them, then perform aromatherapy and apply with gentle pressure on dry oil on the face, neck and décolleté. Repeat if necessary. Perfect Skin: Pour a few drops of the product between your hands and dab onto your face. Do not rinse. Leave on for 10-15 minutes until the next cosmetic product. In case of localized acne or blackheads to be treated, you can apply the product directly on a bamboo disc or muslin and apply for a period of 5-10 seconds on the area to be treated and do not rinse.

Precautions for use

RetinOil: start retinizing the skin little by little. If you have not used retinol before, introduce it into your nightly routine 2 nights during the first week, 3 nights the second, one night on and one night off the third until you can use it every night if your skin tolerates it well. If your skin feels irritated (this has not happened to us, but just in case), space its use. Use sunscreen daily. Perfect skin: Do not use on sensitive skin. Do not use rethionol afterwards. Do not use after a previous physical exfoliation. Use sunscreen daily.

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