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Eau de parfum Sarah Becquer

Eau de parfum Sarah Becquer

More than a perfume, the scent of Sarah Becquer is an experience of well-being, an olfactory discovery, like a walk in the countryside at dawn, when dew drops magically envelop the scent of almond blossoms ...

One summer night, enjoying the calm, under the centenary cedars of the garden ...

This is how the first Sarah Becquer perfume was born, where the scent of patchouli represents the strength and energy of nature.

A relaxing preamble, which invites you to calm down and enjoy the moment ... The first notes, hazelnut and almond, incite well-being and that wonderful feeling of happiness that increases the levels of serotonin, the so-called happiness hormone

In its beating heart, the freshness of the cedar stands out, which is sophisticated in its aroma with the patchouli flower.

The softness of the musk gives off an elegant and enveloping trail, which intensifies its presence with a touch of woody vanilla.

A fragrance, magnetic, deep and unforgettable.

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